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For those of you that want to go ‘behind’ the resume’, here is some other information about me that makes for interesting reading (if you’re an insomniac!)


Car: ’97 Saturn SW2 with MST3K logo on back!  Car  Currently on the waiting list for a P.T. Cruiser (ask me about it in December of 2001!)

Currently reading: ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ by William Gibson  'Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep' by Philip K. Dick &  ‘Blizzard’ by George Stone

Last book read:  

Last Audio book: "Blood and Smoke"  by Stephen King

Next book to read:  

In my CD-changer: 'Cyberpunk' - Billy Idol --- '1' - The Beatles --- 'My Favorite Headache' - Geddy Lee --- 'Return of Saturn' - No Doubt --- 'Dumbing up - World Party --- 'Republica' - Rebublica 

Last CD purchased: 'My Favorite Headache' by Geddy Lee

Radio: I can’t stand any of it, that’s why I bought a CD-Changer and make my own CD’s!

2001 concert schedule (so far): Temptations - U2-

Last movie seen: ‘X-Men’

Next Movie to see: 'Castaway'

DVD and VHS: Last purchased – ‘Gladiator’ on DVD

T.V.: Voyager – X-Files (yes, 2001-2002 season is going to be hard for me!) – The Simpson’s – Futurama

Downtime: snowboarding – movies – reading – music – travel

Family: Son Deon, 17 (Deon) – Daughter Danielle, 15 (Danielle) – Girlfriend Angela, 19 (Angela) –  Jessie, 4 (Jessie)  – Dog Molly, 14 in dog years (Molly)

My cyber life: Home:  4 networked computers ranging from Pentium 200 to Celeron 433 Mhz systems, all Windows 98 – Work:  3 networked computers ranging from Pentium 166 to Pentium III 800 with Windows 98 and Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Advanced Server  - Most used software – MS Word 2000 and Netscape Communicator 4.7 – I keep track of my life with my Palm V organizer.

Favorite computer game: “You can play games on these things?”

Things that don’t really matter: Devoted Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fan – fatal weakness in Cadbury Mini-Eggs – I collect Nightmare Before Christmas paraphernalia – I fear that I will forever be behind in the reading of my monthly computer magazines! – I willingly go to Starcon and Starfest conventions

E-mail addresses: jagcs@jagcs.com - jagcs@concentric.net - jagcs@yahoo.com - jagcs@garbage.com - darian@aol.com - jagcs@aol.com - please use only the jagcs@jagcs.com address 

Next big adventure: Australia

Last big adventure: Goldendale High school Class of 1980 Reunion July 2000

(Link to the Goldendale High School Class of 1980 Reunion Home Page)

Revised:  January 2001

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