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Secure remote control software for internet connected PC's.

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Digital Medix Provides Data Recovery Services in the Denver Metro area and worldwide.  Mention Code DM1451.


DriveSavers provides Data Recovery Services worldwide.  Mention code DS13078 for a special discount on services.

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Red Rock Technology provides affordable network fax and messaging solutions.


Sentry Security Systems designs closed circuit television security recording devices and systems for home and business.

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Support Help:

Microsoft Support

Dell Support

Driver Guide.com hardware drivers - free registration required

HP/Compaq Support and Drivers

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Home User? - Visit Sherry @ SC's :-) PC's


got mac? - Visit Karelle @ bestmacsolutions!

Thinking about switching?  Here's a helpful forum


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High Speed Internet Access Providers:

JAGCS.com can help you get online with these providers!

Front Range Internet Inc.

ISP by FRII and DSL Service Provided by Qwest.  My ISP, I highly recommend them!


High Speed access over your existing phone lines!


High Speed access through your cable provider!


High Speed access via microwave

Mesa Networks

High Speed Access via Wireless Broadband

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Sophos Virus and Hoax Info Feeds:


Latest Virus Alerts:

Top Virus Hoaxes last 24 hours: 

Top Viruses for Previous Month:

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Panda's Virus Infection Map:


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Virus tools and definitions:

Virus Definitions & Security Updates


Removal Tools - Symantec
Security Response Removal Tools

Virus Removal Tools

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Virus and Hoax Information:

Threat Explorer

Threat Center

Internet Hoaxes and Schemes - Vmyths.com

Spam E-mail and Chain E-mails



Spyware Warrior (home page)

Find out if your Spyware Program is really Spyware              Spyware Warrior: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites

Check out this resource to help you find the best tools to fight Spyware:


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Phishing Scams - What are they and how to recognize them          All About Phishing Scams                                                    Learn About Spoofs

Internet Defence Phisery

MillersMiles - The webs dedicated anti-phishing service

Anti-Phishing Working Group

Fraudwatch International - Your place to fight against internet fraud

Federal Trade Commission - Your government's Consumer Watch Dog Learn how about Identify Theft here

Fight Back Against Identity Theft

The Museum of Hoaxes - Find out about Hoaxes, online and off!

Internet Fraud Complaint Center - Joint project of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center

Snopes - The premier urban legends page



Get Net Wise!


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Major Geeks

Cnet downloads

100-downloads free for Vista & XP


I Want a Freeware Utility to...


Best Old Games.net

Best Free Apps.com

BetaMarker.com - Computer Usage Timer

Free Goodies from Microsoft

Open Source Windows Open Source software for Windows

250 Free Office Documents and Templates

CDBurner XP Pro

Jeroen Kessels - Internet Engineer

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Microsoft Product Updates


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Self Help Web Sites




So you want to be a hacker

Fix My Vista

Fix My XP

HFT Online

Windows Vista from A to Z

Windows XP from A to Z

Help With Windows


Update Vista


Wireless Home Networking with cguy.net

The Lazy Admin

20 Useful OS X tips - For Mac Users

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Useful utilities you should not be without:


Free Popup Stopper

Free Antivirus software



Freeware Registry Cleaner

Easy Cleaner

TREND Micro Housecall - Online virus and spyware scanner


Test your AV software with Eicar's test files

Anti-Virus Test File

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Windows Defender

Windows Defender  You will be asked to validate your copy of Windows.  Runs only on Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003.  Included in Vista and Server 2008.  Go here to disable Windows Defender in Vista and Server 2008


Freeware function utility


Free Malware Scanner


Host Based Intruction Detection System


Free Backup Software / File Recovery Software


Cobian backup


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Bandwidth Meter

Ookla Speed Test


Lag/Latency Testing

Taskbar Bandwidth Monitor

DNS Report

DNS Settings Check

Domain Name Check

Check Deleted Domain Names

Language translation

E-mail abuse

Whois database

Check your Mail Server against Blacklists


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Report and Test Network Abuse


Free Firewall.org

Free Firewalls

Zone Alarm


Learn More About Personal Firewalls


Test your Firewall for Leaks


Browser testing for cookies/java/pop-ups

Use this site for pop-up testing


Use this site for cookie testing

Cookie Test

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Test your JAVA here:


Test your firewall at the sites listed here:


or GRC, one of the great resources on the internet

Shields UP!

or use Sygate's SOS (Sygate Online Services)


Alternative Web Browsers


Internet Explorer

Learn about Firefox Myths

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AuditMyPC - Firewall, internet speed tests and more

Belarc Advisor

Personal Edition

CD-Key Recovery for Microsoft Software


Dell Preloaded Software Removal Tool

PC Decrapifier

Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator


WebSite Analysis

Silktide Sitescore

Free Online Storage - 50 GB's


Atomic Clock Sync

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Dissecting Electronic Gadgetry


Links to keep your bookmarks online


Online Surveys


File Compression Utilities



Sidebar - Gadgets - Widgets

Yahoo Widgets

Byte Converter - Convert Megabytes - Gigabytes - etc.

10 Minute e-mail address - When you need a temporary e-mail

Alternative Office Software

Open Office

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Quarterly Chamber Newsletter and Self-Help PDF's

September 2005 Newsletter  June 2005 Newsletter

Safe Internet Usage  Tips to Speed Up Your PC 

How to Turn on Junkmail Filter in Outlook 2000

How to Turn On Junkmail Filter in Outlook 2003

Get Acrobat Reader Here

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What Can I do with my old PC or monitor?                          



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Fun Stuff:

Bear Paw Mixes - Good Food!

Woot.com - One day.  One deal.  'Nuff said.

Link Filter.net - Links from around the world

The Memory Hole - See the news that didn't fit!

Watching America - Discover What the World Thinks About U.S.

Mystery Science Theater 3000                                        

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Onion

Google Earth - See the World - Windows 2000 and XP for now

Salary Timer


Australian Slang Dictionary

E-mail scammers get their comeuppance

Official 419 Fraud Page - Johannesburg South African Police Services official site

Current Terror Alert Level:

Terror Alert Level

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Reality Clocks

moon phase info

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Web Site of the Month

September - October 2006

A Witch's Guide to Safe Computing

Dr. Terror's Bloodcurdling House of Horrors

Make your own Cylon Jack-o-lantern

Ghost Towns around the United States

Ghosts of the Southline

Customized Coffins

Sunsets Around the World


July - August 2006

Flash presentation of the AOL Web Search recently made public

Note:  Some of the searches are 'R' rated, you'll see the search items but not the actual results.  Here is information about AOL making the information public

What does your Inbox say about you?

Impressive Sand Sculptures

Find out Who Called You

What Flying was like in the 1960's

Happy 25th Birthday IBM PC!

What Causes Heat Stroke?

Tell that Annoying Co-Worker what drives you nuts and remain anonymous! (or just check out the stories!)

Send an Online Message In A Bottle

Understand Cricket once and for all (for us Americans!)

Send a free Photo e-Card

Check out 'The Bunker', the former U.S. Government Relocation Facility

Watch Drive-In Movie Ads from the 50's

Find out where to get a free meal on your birthday!

50 Things to do in my lifetime.  Make your own list or check out other lists!

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June 2006

See what websites people are visiting

Discover the Artwork on the Silicon inside your electronics

Protect yourself from Big Brother

Tips on How to Avoid Jet Lag and Drowsy Driving

Visit the American Computer Museum

Recycle IT! courtesy of The Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter

 Read a new Zombie story online

Watch how the Mrs. World 2006 Finale awarded the crown to the wrong Mrs.

Put your Vinyl Records into your digital world

Generate your false identity

Check out some unusual hotels of the world!

Call Center – The Movie

Sure-fire way to defeat computer dialers and end unwanted sales calls

Gaming anyone?  Be an Air Traffic Controller or Defend your virtual PC against hackers as you try to hack others

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May 2006

Get Ready for Windows Vista / Make My PC Look Like Windows Vista

Who Owns What?

What Doesn't Work about the Da Vinci Code

A drive in the clouds...the highest viaduct ever constructed

Check out Volkswagons Unpimp the Auto commercials

The 102 movies you should see before...

starz Bunny Club Movie Parodies

The Bill Murray Soundboard

What it's like to work at Microsoft

So you want to live on an island...

Overland from England to Australia, A diary

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March - April 2006

Online Bargains

Bargains 'o Plenty

Simplify Your Life

Learn to low-tech

Everything you wanted to know about snowflakes

Now that you don't have to shovel them!

Math for the masses

If you hate math...

Desktop Earth 2.0

View the earth from space as your background in real time

Who Owns The Internet

An interesting map of who owns the internet backbone we all travel on!


A photo essay through Russia's nuclear history and it's human costs

How much does that cost in oil?

A web browser plug-in to let you know how much things cost in terms of barrels of oil!

I'll have the Rurality Salad please

Why it's important to have someone that understands the language do the translation (not for the easily offended!)

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January - February 2006

7 Myths about the Challenger Shuttle Disaster

20 years ago in January 1986 our view of the Space Shuttle changed forever

U.S. Department of the Interior Webcams

From Glacier National Park to Washington D.C. - See it now!

2005 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

Learn from the mistakes of others!

Just for Valentine's Day!

Romance Level

Test your Romance Level

Why it's a BAD idea to look up that old FLAME!

Japanese Illusionist Cyril Takayama

I gotta get me one of these!

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December 2005

Join with thousands of computers around the world in creating unique and fascinating screensavers

electric sheep

Read about Time Magazines persons of the year for 2005, Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates

Persons of the Year

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November 2005

Spam Stock Tracker

How much could YOU be making if you followed the advice of the spam e-mails and the 'hot' stock tips they bring?

A Hacker Games The Hotel

Think that only computer networks get hacked?  This article from Wired will make you a little uneasy!

Read important information about Sony's Rootkit installed without your knowledge or permission in these articles:

Discovery Blog - How Many are Infected - What CD's contained the software - Why the removal tools as of 11-20-05 are a BAD idea - From the Horses Mouth A Removal Tool option that doesn't expose your PC

Take a look at the number of flights over the US on a given day!

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October 2005

Bonus From Beyond

Two Great Halloween Albums to Frighten Children to...Download this collection of spooky Halloween MP3's - 44 songs to choose from just in time for a spooky night!

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September 2005

Raising the Dead

A fascinating read about the extreme sport of deep water diving and Dave Shaw from Outside magazine

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August 2005

Christopher Walken for President!?!

Take a look at this convincing hoax

Identifying Misinformation

The State Department tells reporters and you how to identify misleading and erroneous information.  But can we trust it?

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June - July 2005


Ghost Town

Ride along with Elena Filatova as she motorcycles through the radioactive wasteland surrounding Chernobyl.  It's an eerie journey that makes you realize how quickly everything you have could be gone

PC World's How to buy a Digital Camera

Everything you need to know about buying a digital camera

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